Diane Ferraro

Diane Ferraro, an only child and Metal Pig, has fancied herself a writer since she can remember. Probably because her imaginary friend told her she was pretty good at it. In
yoga, we call those friends our “higher self.” Vacillating between yang and yin, she gets giddy and goes digging in the dirt in equal measure. As a New York-based, worldly-wise executive with fifteen years of experience in fundraising, event planning, publicity, and organizational management, and an entrepreneur leading her own socially responsible communications and growth strategies consulting company, Urban Siren (www.urbansiren.com), Diane is dedicated to advancing the melioration of individuals, communities, and the environment. Looking back on her bio, Diane is a little creeped out that she’s been referring to herself in the third person but she’s really excited to be a part of the Elephant Journal crew as a contributing trouble maker
writer. Feel free to heckle reach her at [email protected] and Twit with her @urbansiren

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