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About: Dina Omar



Dina Omar is a certified Yoga teacher and instructor from Egypt, with a special interest in integrative, holistic approaches to physical and mental health. Coupled with her life-long passion for psychology and personal development, she continuously strives to design comprehensive programs to improve wellbeing and the quality of life, such as stress and pain management.

Her philosophy is that the body, mind and spirit are a functional unity, where each element requires due care and attention in order for a person to enjoy true fulfillment and the best quality of life. To that end, she adopts a holistic, integrated approach that combines solid principles from: Yoga Therapy (for physical improvement); effective techniques and practices from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and other Mindfulness techniques, such as meditation (for optimum mental health and emotional wellbeing); creative guided imagery and visualization techniques (using the mind to impact the body); as well as progressive relaxation and hypnosis (using the body to influence and soothe the mind).

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