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Dr. Matthew Wilburn King is an American author, international consultant, and creative residing in Boulder, Colorado. He has two decades of experience conducting research and development, leading projects, and delivering strategies in the fields of environment, sustainable development, and social entrepreneurship. He’s worked for government, academia, non-profits and the private sector. He consults and advises people worldwide. Dr. King has published academic and popular literature as well as given talks around the world. He’s been to every Continent on Earth with the exception of Antarctica, completed expeditions to over 30 countries, lived in five and studied and conducted research in four—completing his PhD at the University of Cambridge (U.K). He serves as President and Chairman of the Futurity Foundation, supporting and mentoring people making positive social and environmental changes. Dr. King’s ultimate purpose in life is to live, love and learn. His biggest journey, thus far, has been his current one, from head to heart. You can find Dr. King on his website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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