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Ellen has a culinary degree, a sommelier certificate and strives to make everything she consumes at home—from homemade butter and worchestershire sauce to shelf-stable chili, chicken stock and even head cheese. Her blog, Backyarditarian, is "pretty erratic," moving from the trials and travails of chicken ownership to edible gardening to making lots of homemade booze. She's trying to get a recipe database on the site as well as more extensive posts about home butchering, backyard chickening and, as soon as she can get it together, urban bees and rabbits. "My dreams are always bigger than my reality but that never seems to stop me from trying." With a 25-year commitment to sustainably raised food she believes that what's in our food supply ain’t, well, kosher. And narrow-mindedness leads to narrow ideas and when it comes to the challenges of our food supply what we need is expansive imaginations. All of this led her to start the One Hundred Meals project.

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