Emily Olson

Emily Olson, E-RYT, PTA, is a yoga therapist, yoga teacher, and Physical Therapist Assistant. In 2017 she opened Ripple Wellness with her husband, a multidisciplinary natural health clinic with a unique commitment to community outreach and education.

As a yoga therapist and teacher, Emily has over 1,500 teaching hours in yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and stress relief. Aside from group classes, she offers private yoga therapy sessions adapting yoga poses, breathwork, and meditation to help people with chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, auto-immune disorders, and other more complicated medical conditions.

Emily also works as a Physical Therapist Assistant in an outpatient orthopedic clinic utilizing exercise and manual therapies to address pain and injury. She recently completed additional physical therapy training in using biofeedback to address respiratory dysfunction and educate patients in optimal breathing for improved physical and mental performance.

An inspired teacher and health educator, Emily has taught hundreds of classes on health and wellness topics that include self-care, gratitude, breathing techniques, mindfulness and meditation skills, stress relief practices and marketing for yoga and wellness. Her passion lies in igniting in people a drive and inspiration to prioritize self-care practices that foster a deep connection within so they can live their best possible life.

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