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Emily Alp spent the early part of her life sick and passionately searching for ways to improve her health. She is a certified health coach specializing in autoimmunity, celiac and gluten intolerance. She recently co-authored a best-selling book entitled "One Crazy Broccoli," as a guide to working through a range of health obstacles to reach a state of health and balance. A former martial artist and marathoner, she has been practicing various forms of yoga for more than 15 years and is a 500+ RYT who is passionate about holding space for, sharing insights with, and learning from students. She spends time as often as she can with her teacher to hone her asana and pranayama practices. Since the age of 15, Emily has also been studying astrology and has run and analyzed charts for friends, family and clients with much success in assisting conscious breakthroughs and providing a sense of empowerment with this form of healing art. Born in the US, she has spent a quarter of her life as an expat and is now traveling the world, freelancing, coaching, teaching, loving and going with the flow to find her next "nesting spot." To connect, visit her website.

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