Erin Schrode

Erin Schrode is a young ecoRenaissance woman. As the “face of the new green generation,” the co-founder and spokeswoman of Teens Turning Green promotes global sustainability, youth leadership, environmental education, and conscious lifestyle choices. After working in disaster response in Haiti, she founded and launched The Schoolbag, a youth education project to provide tools and materials for students in need, as well as initiate active citizenry and environmental stewardship. Erin shares her knowledge as an eco expert on television and the radio, in books, newspapers, magazines, websites, podcasts, and her own ecoRenaissance blog and twitter feed. She speaks frequently, serves on panels, and hosts events, shows, conferences, summits, and videos to raise public awareness about environmental and social responsibility for individuals, schools, and communities. Erin is in her second year as a DEANS Scholar at New York University—currently studying abroad in the Middle East, after a term in West Africa—majoring in Cross-Cultural Diplomacy and Communications.

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