Matt Hogan

Matt Hogan is a coach that gets hired by people that are ACTIVELY making an impact in the world through the causes and people they serve.

He is hired to help them transform the way they lead and live, so that they are better able to create a lasting impact in the world, while living a more enjoyable life. The people he coaches are inspired. Inspired to do something bigger. Bigger for their lives, their families, their community, and humanity. They are not afraid to dive deep into their heart and minds to identify what is preventing them from having what they truly want in this one life.

Matt’s life story that brought him to this point: His teens and early 20s consisted of multiple suicide attempts, drug addiction, fighting, destructive relationships, and run-ins with the legal system. Those years were followed by spending the latter part of his 20s addicted to work, success, and this ideal of being a “perfect” and “good” person. What Matt learned along the way was that fear was the destructive force underlying his addictions, attempted suicides, failed engagement, nearly non-existent family relationships, and work habits that led to burnout. Fear ranging from that of rejection, failure, survival, and being cast out. Or simply, a realization of his own self-hatred, and living in a constant space of shame for who he saw in the mirror.

Last year, on the heels of some the largest changes Matt had made in his personal life, he made the decision to leave my successful corporate job as a Director supporting Google by building and leading a large national team creating a world class customer experience for clients walking through their doors across the United States. A few short months after leaving, he set off on an experiential mission around the world. A life-long mission focused on answering the questions, “How does fear influence the world we live in?” and, “What can we do about it to transform our lives and the lives of others?“

Throughout Matt’s travels he has consciously leaned into activities and experiences that are edgy for him, and coached people from multiple countries across the world, including the U.S. and Egypt, and in Europe, Australia, and South America. In addition, Matt has learned about fear from meeting, befriending, and interviewing people from places like Ireland, Morocco, Egypt, the Philippines, Sweden, Brazil, and Bosnia, gaining a better understanding of how fear is present in their mind and daily lives. Meeting and listening to people from various backgrounds has allowed him to better learn firsthand the universal nature of humanity across shared experiences and the uniqueness that comes with being conscious beings. With all that Matt learns and experiences, it is a part of his mission and work to connect everything back to the people he serves, so they can become better leaders and more conscious being—enabling them to create space for a meaningful life while having a larger impact on the causes that drive them.

Through Matt’s writing, coaching, and who he is being, it’s his life’s work to create a shift in the world around the conversation we have with fear. A conversation that begins in our own mind, that leads to a lot of the challenges we see in the world today.

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