Janny Juddly

Janny Juddly has been a psychotherapist and university lecturer fascinated to work with the mind-body-spirit connection for over 25 years, and a spiritual life coach and woman going through a major spiritual awakening process for the last three of those. The way the two inform and enrich and enable and challenge and feed each other has blown her mind, and she has found herself compelled to share this new adventure with others. She writes prolifically, and this has led to a growing worldwide following, daily discussions with spiritual seekers across the globe, and a recently published book, Dancers Amongst The Stars, available on Amazon and Book Depository (which offers free shipping worldwide).

As someone who helps fellow travellers daily to make sense of their stories, Janny Juddly now brings a new and, she is told by many, unique perspective: that of an awakening woman who happens to have a psychotherapist in her pocket. That fresh perspective offers an invitation to all of us to see, through compassionate eyes, where we have truly come from, the amazing path we are embarked upon, and to view our experience of living this life – which for each one of us is uniquely ours alone – from the perspective of who we really are: a magnificent Being of light and love and power living a purposeful human experience. You can find her on her website and on her blog page or on Facebook. You can also watch her on YouTube, listen to her on Soundcloud, and follow her on Twitter and on Instagam. You can also listen to her show, Pocket Talk Radio. You can visit her Psychotherapy Website: Stressworks, and her Energy Healing Website: Universal Energy Works. Her direct e-mail is [email protected] You can also sign up to receive her regular newsletter, Pocket Chat.

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