Jordan Mallah

Jordan Mallah (Jordan Mallah – Your Life Aligned) has taken more than 15 years of intensive training, teaching expertise and multi-disciplinary learning from cultures around the world to create Your Life Aligned. His method is a philosophy, therapy and ever-evolving goal integrating all the elements of physical, spiritual, nutritional and purposeful living. A writer for Elephant Journal, Huffington Post, and author of a Peruvian community cookbook and numerous articles on healthy living, Mallah is yoga mentor to a devoted fan base of beginners and advanced practitioners alike. He aligned his own life through a journey that began with a career as a management consultant and then he served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Peru. Now a leading yoga therapist based in New York City, Mallah guides students into an exploration of their deepest essence, leaving them poised to celebrate each day from a place of authenticity. Mallah also leads numerous global service and yoga retreats. For more information, visit

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