Kelsey Nicks

Kelsey Nicks is an occupational therapist, a mental health advocate, a poet, and is sober. She began writing poetry at age 14 when her dad became ill with brain cancer and passed away shortly after. Writing has always been her go-to coping skill, her way to make sense of the world. She sometimes thinks she needs writing as much as she needs air. She is on a journey of building a blog, publishing poems, and writing a book. She is just taking the first step, trying to place one foot in front of the other, and follow the bread crumbs that her heart seeks. She is passionate about ending the stigma with mental health, self-help, vulnerability, sobriety, and conscious living. Elephant Journal has been a bright light in her journey, and hopefully a stepping stone for her to embrace her passion of writing, poetry, and spoken word. Connect with her on Instagram.

Latest from Kelsey Nicks

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