Kali Bliss

Kali Bliss is a yoga diva, who has a passion for helping people live happy and healthy lives. Kali teaches a unique yoga style designed to help others feel good in mind, body, and heart. She is certified in Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga, and specializes in teaching balance through astrology, ayurveda, and mindful living. After studying psychology, storytelling, and yoga philosophy, Kali has a passion for sharing her knowledge and inspiring wellness and sustainability. She loves guiding people in how to tap into their bliss, and is a digital marketing advisor and prosperity coach. As a free spirit, Kali loves music, singing, movies, playing in the ocean, and delving into anything creative. Kali resides in San Diego and enjoys photography, writing, and traveling every chance she gets. She is a revolutionary, spreading her sparkle and joy to others in hopes of creating a more magical and peaceful world. Connect with Kali on her website or Instagram.  See her photos at kalibphotography.com.

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