Katrina. I am Katrina.

Well, when I was born, I was named Katrina and, to speak vaguely, my last name has changed several times over the years. I could go on blabbing about how crappy life was growing adopted, in an addiction riddled, and abusive “home” or I CAN TEACH YOU HOW I LEARNED TO GROW AS LIFE CHANGED AND I BECAME HAPPY.I am that imperfect person who accomplished one goal after the other, TAKING LIFE BY THE HORNS, successfully, but didn’t find her purpose in life until 33 years after wandering this earth. I CAN TEACH YOU NOT ONLY HOW TO BE OKAY WITH THAT BUT TRULY LOVE YOURSELF FOR YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND FLAWS.I have studied medicine since the age of 24, last year decided to hit the books and open my own company, Roots to Recovery, an alcohol and drug recovery residence (with no money to back me up, it has not been an easy journey, and still in process of opening).To put it lightly, I GREW TO BECOME LIVID WATCHING PEOPLE AROUND ME OVERDOSE WHILE I HAD NO CONTROL. So, I decided to gain control.I am that person who believes she can change the world one dysfunctional corner at a time. In order to grow, as individuals, it is essential to learn to believe in ourselves and our own abilities, NO MATTER WHAT CHAPTER YOU ARE PRESENTLY IN.I have wandered the earth, attempting to find my purpose. Growing, I found I have many passions. I have been a ballerina, a manager in a call center, a fitness trainer, a Radiology Technologist, a Medical Assistant, an athlete, a wound assistant, a Surgical Coordinator in Emergency and Family Care, caretaker, and Transformation Life Coach.After making it to the National Bodybuilding Athlete stage, I was hit as a pedestrian by an officer that ran a red light (ruined what I thought was my whole life).  YES, I HAD TO ACCEPT MY LIFE WAS ABRUPTY CHANGED AND GROW WITH IT.Then I found my purpose, to help others become a better version of themselves and stick my nose in anything I can to improve this world. I have thought about writing books or sharing my poetry, all in hopes to inspire just one person. Then, one day, I was reading “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis, and BAM IT HIT ME! MY NEXT PASSION AND PURPOSE TO INSPIRE OTHERS JUST MAY BE THROUGH THIS BLOG STUFF.So, here I am.

I am Katrina. 

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