Keri Signoracci

Keri Signoracci has studied at The Relationship School with Jayson Gaddis, Bard College, and Naropa University. She has a background in psychology as well as extensive training in relationship coaching.  She is also a certified yoga instructor and has an extensive background in various mindfulness practices.  The culmination of her varied degrees and certifications has brought her to the destination of being a Love & Relationship Coach.

Relationships have always been an integral, if not the most eye-opening, aspect of her development as a human. Heartbreak is what finally allowed her to actualize this in the form of a purposeful career. There were days at the beginning of her separation and divorce process that seemed eternal and full of unending pain. The grief was all-pervasive, closure seemed like a myth, and the thought of ever finding an amazingly loving and fulfilling relationship was on par with unicorns. While in the trenches of soul-crushing relationship loss, she made a vow to herself to keep her broken heart open and educate herself as much as possible in the realm of all things relationship! This vow took her on a fascinating journey that included revisiting childhood wounds, pushing out of established comfort zones, crossing paths with new mentors, and confronting herself in ways she never thought possible. 

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