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Kristen Eykel CHt. has been in Media her entire life but her job description defies gravity. A consummate world traveller, her career has moved from Top Model in Paris to TV Host in America. She is a Spokesperson & Yoga Expert for Total Woman Gyms, a Certified Hypnotherapist, IKYTA and Yoga Alliance Certified Yogini, Birth Doula, Writer and Mother to 2 gorgeous home-birthed children. She has lived all over the world in an environmentally conscious way for over 20 years. From driving a hybrid to offsetting her carbon footprint for plane travel, to utilizing only non-toxic, biodegradable products in her home, Kristen “reduces, re-uses and recycles” everything she possibly can. Which makes her a bit of a packrat. She can also talk about composting far more than most people feel comfortable with. She loves gourmet cooking and dreams of the perfect Bed & Breakfast in Bali. She is a complete eco-hippy who firmly believes that fine cashmere, 4- inch heels & French lingerie are every woman's birthright. She is also pretty confident that she and most of her audacious friends would have been burned at the stake- and with very good cause indeed.

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