Lindsay Carricarte

Lindsay Carricarte-Jones can currently be found residing in Long Beach, CA, with her husband Chris and their fur-babies. They practice and learn from each other every day. Her heart beats for writing, Buddhism, yoga, meditation, books, helping the world, nature, snowboarding, coffee, hiking, and of course her loves— Chris, and their two dogs, Bandit, a American Bulldog/Pitbull rescue, and Luna, a Welsh Corgi.

Their goal is to travel the world helping others heal through yoga, meditation, crystal healing, and coaching. She currently runs Life Warrior – The Art of Being Human with Chris, where they help others heal through spiritual coaching and teaching. Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more information.

You can also catch up with Lindsay and learn more about her healing practices on her coaching/motivational website or visit her motivational page on facebook for daily heart path coaching and a does of happiness.

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