Lisa Foreman

Lisa Foreman is a 48-year-old University of Texas law graduate; gym owner; personal trainer; writer; life coach; and mother of two daughters. She manifested her strengths as a competitive powerlifter with several world records and applied this knowledge to helping people reach their physical goals. After some recent struggles and subsequent growth in her own life, she realized she could share the the lessons she learned through those experiences and have more than just an impact on her clients’ physiques. She supports her life coaching clients with encouragement and assistance in developing strategies for synergy in their lives as in her own: physical, emotional and spiritual. Her writing allows her a creative outlet and a way to reach and be of benefit to more people than she can actually have contact with one on one.

Contact her on her Facebook Page, Time to Transcend, to schedule an appointment to take your life from the ordinary to the extraordinary you are meant to to be living.

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