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Lorna J. (Johnson), is a success strategist, metaphysician and spiritual teacher to creative visionaries, world changers and neuro divergent entrepreneurs. She helps businesses quantum leap their sales in a matter of weeks through combining spirituality, metaphysics and marketing.

Lorna was an executive in corporate America for 15 years where she helped build and run multimillion dollar businesses pioneering innovative sales methods resulting in exponential growth in a matter of months.

After being fired for the third time from corporate America, Lorna hit ground zero, losing her marriage, home and sanity. In an impressive tale of triumph over adversity Lorna went from suicidal and diagnosed as bipolar to 7-figure entrepreneur in just 10 months.

Lorna was diagnosed with Bipolar in addition to three other ‘dysfunctions’ and was told she would need medication for the rest of her life to function normally.

After reading about Jung’s ‘Red Book’ Lorna decided to embrace her ‘madness’ rather than work against it. Within 10 months Lorna had crossed the $1m in sales mark her business and is now on a mission to help others unlock their genius and ‘step into their Giant Nature’. 

Lorna views neural divergence as a valuable form of human diversity and believes that far from being a disability, it is in fact part of human evolution. 

Lorna’s most notable features include being interviewed on the Sharkpreneur podcast and receiving over 6000 shares for her first article as contributor for Elephant Journal.

Lorna currently offers individual coaching and self-study programs. She is passionate about facilitating the next generation of conscious leaders in marrying their untapped genius with their spiritual calling.

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