Lucy Edge

I was a burnout corporate, working eighty hour weeks in advertising. Nothing in my life was working, so I decided to straighten myself out with six months in the yoga schools of India.

While I scrambled around trying to find my guru, yoga worked quietly behind the scenes; peeling away the layers to reveal new possibilities. I realised, as I packed five volumes of diaries in my suitcase, that my happiness lay in writing. Random House published Yoga School Dropout a year later.

Suddenly I was getting emails from all over the world. As I’d shared the story of my transition, from corporate burn out to born again writer, readers shared theirs; how yoga was helping them transform their lives – as small business owners, mothers, yoga teachers, designers. The list went on, and on.

I loved the creativity of these stories and wanted to share and celebrate them with everyone – yogis and newbies alike. So I created YogaClicks – a place for us to inspire, inform and equip each other as we transform ourselves through yoga.

Please join us – together we can get the world on its mat.

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