Margarita Stoffberg

Margarita Stoffberg’s freethinking parents named her after a heroine in a cult novel who learns witchcraft and loves to be invisible with the ability to fly. She aims to live up to her name, and is currently practicing Wicca with a special interest in learning how to fly her broomstick. However, her first love is Astrology which she has been interested in since she was a little girl, gazing up at the magical stars. Having graduated at the top of her class with a distinction in Traditional Astrology, she has blazed an Astrological path in the world and now takes her practice ( ​all around the globe with her. She is passionate about Yoga which she practices daily, Tarot, which she teaches, and Celtic Mythology, which she just reads about avidly​. Also, she is in love with the Moon, the ocean and cats, in no particular order.

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