Marisa Lupo

Marisa Lupo is a certified life coach who has mastered strategies that empower divorced moms in her private practice to cultivate an authentic life overflowing with love, meaning, and passion. Graduating with a degree in business management, she quickly became a successful real estate investor of over 15 years. After having checked all the boxes that she thought were going to lead her to the happiness she craved, something deep within her was still missing. Unfulfilled with purpose, she left her career to follow a life of meaning. Purpose emerged through her most difficult time—an entangled divorce with two children, a very opinionated Italian family, without much support from those closest to her. She developed the tools and strategies to untie the knots of divorce that bound her and started living a life of freedom. The fire that blazes within her is her deepest desire to help stop the suffering, stop living a checklist life, and start living a life of authenticity. In her coaching, she guides women through untying the knots of divorce and teaches them how to emerge into their highest self. Find her on her website.

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January 27, 2020

My Son Chose his Dad over me After Our Divorce.