Mark Van Buren

Mark Van Buren is Bergen County’s go-to guide for all meditation and mindfulness-based training. With well over a decade of experience in the field, Mark instructs meditation workshops, lectures, professional development days, corporate wellness classes, and silent retreats in a practical, yet accessible way. He offers simple tools and practices that can reduce stress, help with anxiety and depression, manage pain, and transform the many difficult aspects of life.

Van Buren is a Mindful Living Trainer, yoga/meditation instructor, personal trainer, and musician, who has been promoting health and wellness for over a decade. He has run dozens of workshops and retreats all over the tri-state area, and has been asked to speak at numerous colleges including Columbia, Montclair State, and Bergen Community. He has worked extensively with children and adults with autism and other special needs, and even released two solo albums, based on his inward journey through meditation under the band name “Seeking the Seeker.”

Van Buren holds a Bachelor of Arts in religious studies from Montclair State University and two Associate Degrees from Bergen Community College in exercise science and music. He owned and operated Live Free Yoga Studio in River Edge, New Jersey from 2012-2019, and in recent years became a bestselling author with his book, A Fool’s Guide to Actual Happiness (Wisdom Publications). Visit Mark’s website to learn more!

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