Michelle Amanda

Michelle Amanda is a child of the globe, chaser of sun, a wanderer and a wonderer. She is a patriotic expatriate. She is a free bird. Her mind – like her passport, is also all over the map. Freedom, flexibility and mobility are the currencies she finds most valuable. She believes creative and expressive lifestyle design is key. Her happy places are often near water, and likely involve the company of cats and copious amounts of sugar. She grew up on the West Coast and can often be found swimming, running or practicing yoga.

Michelle has an innate fear of wasting things, and believes we can greatly reduce our impact on the environment by simplifying. She believes less is more. She has an inherent love for learning and practices re-examining all we know to be “true” on a daily basis. Challenging conventional norms and looking at things from alternative view points are what makes life interesting for her. Connect with her at Child of the Globe.

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