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Monika Carless seems to be following the setting sun---from Europe to Eastern Canada, to mountain and ocean life on Vancouver Island, B.C. A Reiki Master and Holistic Nutritionist, Monika follows The Wise Woman Tradition as a Solitary Witch, seeking the Sacred through nature. She believes in skinny dipping, laughter with friends and moonlit walks as therapy for the human soul. Many passions fire this Scorpio’s quest for living as authentically as possible. A road less ordinary and a heart filled with love is what you’ll find her patiently seeking. Monika is the author of two novels, The Dark Pool, and its sequel, 'The Raven and The Aspen King', a tale of erotica and pagan mysticism, delving into polyamory, past lives and love at its most courageous. Connect with Monika on her blog or Facebook.

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