Neelam Tewar

Neelam Tewar is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, mentor, poet, and spiritual teacher. She was raised across four continents, and New York City was her home for over a decade. She gave up her corporate life to start a company, write, travel, and set up her foundation Invisible Threads in India. She works with people across the world in her online programs, retreats, and in one-on-one settings to help them lead more connected and soulful lives. Catch up with Neelam on her website, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Latest from Neelam

June 6, 2017

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February 11, 2016

For my fellow Singles on Valentine’s Day.

January 13, 2016

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December 27, 2015

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December 23, 2015

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December 13, 2015

To Mr. Trump, with Love.

December 12, 2015

When Sweat Meets Tears: Unexpected Lessons from 65 Days of Hot Yoga.

December 3, 2015

A Pot of Wisdom & Love. {Poem}

December 3, 2015

What Are We doing to Each Other?