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Nicole Harlow (MA Sexuality, Functional Hormonal Health Nutritionist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, yoga teacher, #Astrobabe) is the author of international bestselling book Chakra Detox, host of top-50 iTunes self-help podcast The Spirited Entrepreneur and creator of Your Year of Radical Transformation, Namaste MBA + Unlock Your Cycle™ online programs. She is the founder of The Center for Menstrual + Sexual Health™ and Creative Director of Nicole Harlow Design Studio. She lives on the sunny Mediterranean island of Malta, where you can find her running conscious, playful, pleasure-seeking retreats for women at the Malta Wellness Retreat Centre. Learn more about Your Year of Radical Transformation, The Center for Menstrual & Sexual Health or Malta Wellness Retreat Centre, listen to the Spirited Entrepreneur Podcast, or connect with Nicole via email at [email protected], Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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