Jessa Janai

Jessa Janai is a licensed psychotherapist, registered yoga teacher, and is currently obtaining her Masters degree in Mindfulness Based Transpersonal Counseling. Her work includes poetry, erotica, self-discovery, her outlook on sex and relationships, culture, existential angst, and what it means to be authentic in the 21st century.

When you consume one of her pieces, you get a sense that she is being fiercely and unforgivably herself. It is her goal to leave the reader feeling raw and exposed. Much of her insight comes from trainings and travel, working under Christopher Germer and Kristin Neff, and visiting over 30 countries.

Latest from Jessa Janai

January 13, 2020

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January 9, 2020

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January 8, 2020

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January 5, 2020

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January 3, 2020

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November 14, 2019

Advice to People who are Looking for “The One.”

November 12, 2019 Editor's Pick

We Meet our Soulmate when we’re Least Expecting It.

November 5, 2019

5 Ways to build a Messy, Imperfectly Perfect, Happy Relationship.

September 10, 2019

We Make Love—without Penetration. {Poem}