Riya Sokol

Riya Sokol: I am an artist. Singer, speaker, writer, mom of two daughters, but also awakening & tantric sex coach and Vision Quest guide. As a singer, I offer relaxing, healing mantras. As a facilitator, I am part of Awaken as Love Faculty. It’s a movement focused on conscious evolution. I travel around the world, using my voice for singing, speaking and silence in workshops, lectures and concerts. My passion is conscious evolution. My favourite areas are: stress, self love, parenting, sexuality and relating. I’ve been through so much in my life. Menthal illnesses, cancer, many dramatic decisions, and it all gave the most precious thing: EXPERIENCE. I am dedicated to expand my own consciousness and then be able to share ALL of my experience with others. I am fascinated about how people have tremendous impact on their lives and I deeply believe that if everyone sees their lives and the planet from a bigger picture, with full integrity, they will instantly start loving themselves unapologetically and the world will become even more incredible place. See more of Riya on her website, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube channel.

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