Justice Bartlett

Justice Bartlett offers her services as a Mystic Guide, an Illuminator. She’s not a coach; she can’t coach you into dismantling yourself, into peeling back all that is not you and encouraging you to stand in your blazing naked truth. She can hold you, encourage you, support you, and occasionally frighten you, in the way that the lightning and thunder frightens children with the way it electrifies their bodies and sets their hair on end and sends them scurrying for their safe place. She can help you find those too—your safe places, the places where you hide when you are terrified, exhausted, and tired of running and pretending.She can help you re-home your soul and ignite in you the spark of belonging. She can be the catalyst, but you have to reach for that ember and enflame the kindling that you hold inside. Then we can explore the dark and forgotten corners of your heart, we can peel back the masks formed of platitudes, and compromise and unravel the ancestral ties that bind you to playing small and frightened. You can choose to set you free and she can illuminate the ways you have bound yourself. We can untangle those knots together and jump for joy as your energy expands to fill you in ways your soul longs to imagine, to embody, and you can claim your true sense of belonging here and now—in this moment, this body, this life. For more, check out Justice’s website.

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