Jane Coburn

As a mom of two adult sons on the autism spectrum, recovering people-pleaser and perfectionist, and former gray area drinker, I know what it’s like to look strong and high-achieving on the outside, but be crumbling on the inside. For years I was tired, questioned my self-worth, and felt as if I couldn’t keep up with what society seemed to expect from me. 

Then, in 2013, everything changed when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I knew as soon as the words were leaving the oncologist’s mouth that I would go to any lengths to survive. I had already stopped using alcohol to numb my anxiety and escape the pressures of life three years earlier, but I also knew something else had to give. Through meditation, yoga, and mindfulness practices, I learned to be more present, and discovered what I truly liked and wanted in my life. I found the resources I needed to take practical, often simple, steps each day to a healthier, more well balanced, more present and joyful life.

Writing and journaling have always been a big part of my spiritual well-being.

Along with being a Mom and writing, I also run a supported employment program for adults who have intellectual and developmental disabilities at a local non-profit agency and own my own coaching and consulting business at www.janecoburn.life   

I look forward to sharing my writings here and I hope they resonate with and help those who read my words.

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