Rachelle Hampson

Rachelle Hampson has worked in private practice as a psychologist for the past 18 years, and as a consequence of wearing out her saggy brown counselling chair, she wants to stand up more and talk to the masses.

Rachelle is also a university qualified Wellness Coach, which means she works with her favourite group (busy professional women), who are struggling with stress, anxiety, and burnout seen as lack of energy, weight gain, insomnia, chaos, and overwhelm in any and every aspect of their lives (their physical health, emotions, financial chaos, relationship neglect, home space clutter, career discontent).

She helps you find your mojo, with the aim to have you at the top of your damn to-do list. Essentially, she teaches you how to feel #youaregoodenuf.

She has lots of important pieces of paper including, strangely, a Master of Social Science in Criminology (from another life in law). She has been a mentor and workshop presenter for the Queensland Emergency Services for 15 years and has provided keynote speeches for well-being symposiums and corporate trainings across Queensland, Australia.

You can find Rachelle on the world wide web at www.rachellehampson.com.au

She even copes with the socials at




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