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Renee Dubeau is a passionate hippie who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She has a daughter in college, a son in high school, and a French Bulldog. She is a lover of all creatures, a dreamer, rebel, and unapologetic supporter of underdogs everywhere. Renee began blogging many years ago as a way to vent about her crazy family and all the things they do. As she has grown as a woman and a writer, her work has mirrored her evolution, morphing from humor to more serious spiritual and social issues. She is currently working to complete her first novel, Brown Road Burning. In addition to writing, Renee enjoys yoga, dance, art of all kinds, gardening, cooking, and playing outside. You can connect with Renee on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,, and elephant journal where she is a Featured Author. Renee is always ready for a friendly debate, as long as it is intelligent and respectful. Her main goal is to inspire people, and help them see their own perfection and potential.

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