Renee Dubeau

Renee Dubeau is a creative non-fiction and self-help author. She began blogging years ago, when she realized that writing is cheaper than therapy, and has continued to share her story to help normalize atheism, shift the stigmas around mental health, and create awareness for all kinds of social issues.

Renee is a dreamer, rebel, and unapologetic supporter of underdogs everywhere. She is an outspoken feminist, loyal LGBTQ+ ally and self-proclaimed princess of the hippies. She continues to use her voice for good in the blogosphere while working on her books.

Renee lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and their four children. When she’s not writing, you can find her on a yoga mat, at the local farmer’s market, playing in the kitchen, or dancing naked under the full moon. Her favorite color is turquois, her drug of choice is coffee, and her favorite food is cheese –  all the cheese.

You can connect with Renee on her websiteFacebookInstagramTwitter, and at Medium. You can also check out her new author page on Amazon! She is always ready for a friendly debate, and welcomes your comments and questions.


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