Shoshanna Raven

Shoshanna Raven is an empowerment coach, activist, and storyteller. Her podcast, retreats, and signature coaching programs aim to break down shame and fear culture so that we can end the loneliness epidemic and clear the clutter preventing us from taking courageous leaps of faith.

In 2015, Shoshanna quit her corporate consulting job on a one-way ticket to India. In 2019, she launched the Living Brave podcast, diving into topics such as sexuality, mental health, addiction and social justice, and inviting in edgy and unpopular opinions related to mainstream culture and spirituality.

In line with her mission to help end stigma and reclaim the power it takes from us, Shoshanna speaks openly about her herpes status and encourages others to use vulnerability as a superpower.

Connect with Shoshanna on Instagram, listen to her podcast Living Brave, and explore her coaching offerings on her website.

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