Sophie Gregoire

Sophie Gregoire is a Seeker, Writer, Author, Truth-Speaker, Guide, and Transformational Coach. She believes that each soul is there to serve a unique purpose and likes to empower others in creating their own most aligned life according to their truth. She believes that each human has unique gems to uncover and that one must take leaps out of their comfort zone to rise into who they are. Sophie decided to take the wanderer path and benefited from many worldwide explorations to feed her free-spirited self and enrich her understanding of herself and of the human kind. She is passionate about writing and communicating, hoping that she can serve by sharing what she has discovered through her inner and outer explorations. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and reach out to her for private sessions via her website. Sophie’s first book “She is the Moon” is a poetry and essay collection, you can order it here.

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