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Summer Engman is a writer, coach and traveler who has dedicated her life to inspiring the deepest personal power out of everyone she meets. She's known by her clients for her unwavering approval of all parts of them, and her willingness to cut through niceties and find out what's really there so that it can be loved, healed, and integrated. She specializes in desire based living, self-worth, intuition, purpose, sexuality, masculine/feminine dynamics, and victim consciousness.

Summer is one half of the duo behind Adventure Awake, a travel and coaching hybrid venture that specializes in profound real-time transformation. A retreat-on-the-go concept meant to capture emergent behavior as it’s happening in order to swiftly rewire the way our clients think about themselves, their relationships to others, and the world. Adventure Awake trips operate as a reset button on life.

Summer has been traveling the globe for the past year, living primarily in Istanbul, Copenhagen and Barcelona with stops in Asia, the Middle East, and all over Europe. She's originally from Hawaii, studied in California, and was most recently a New Yorker before embarking on her life as a full-time traveler.

Ask her for a free coaching consultation at her website or a free traveling/coaching consultation at Adventure Awake.

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