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Susan Currie has been photographing life in the Greater Boston area for nearly twenty years. Her work has been exhibited publicly at the Yawkey Cancer Center at Mass General Hospital in Boston, the Photoplace Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont and the Touch Gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Beyond her contributions as a columnist at Elephant Journal, Susan’s words and images have been featured in the Boston Globe, Om Boston, Yogi Times, the Huffington Post, Spirit of St. Bart’s and on the cover of the new book Moving into Meditation (Shambala Books) by Anne Cushman. In addition to her commission work, she photographs older children awaiting adoption with the Mass Adoption Resource Exchange’s Heart Gallery. Although she remains quite inspired in her ongoing adventures as a portrait photographer, Susan met her muse when she discovered the practice of yoga. This ancient eight-limbed practice informs her artistry and life on a number of levels. On her mat as a yoga instructor and behind her lens she enjoys two front row seats to the fragility, power and beauty of the human spirit, and she documents her findings through The Daily Inhale on her website and on Facebook at www.facebook/daily inhale. Susan credits Joyce Tenneson with whom she studies personally as one of her greatest influences.

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