Tania Thomas

Tania Thomas is a Canadian Spiritual Psychic Medium, Speaker, and Writer. Retired from psychiatric nursing in 2000. I know. I know. There’s a contradiction (or several) in there somewhere right? Married for 35 years, three kids, three more kids made me a grandmother. The weird grandma that talks to the people no one else can see. Cue “Psychiatric nurse contradiction.” Family life includes two English Springer Spaniels. Molly is the elder of the two, too chubby to run as fast as she once could (I relate) while Scooby is the youthful one and well…the name fits. He’s a complete dingbat most days. Two cats. Church, the rescue cat that arrived looking like he’d been dug up four times. He’s adorable when he’s not grinning at you with his only remaining two teeth. Virgil..my eldest sons cat that came to visit and never did go back home again. We recently stopped calling this his extended vacation as it seems that he is here to stay.  I have an incredibly busy life and very forgiving family and friends. “Oh right…I meant to text back…..last week. Sorry.”

My first love is writing. Sharing experiences and hoping to allow you to join me in them. You can follow me on my Facebook page.

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