Trina Meadows

Trina Meadows currently holds a CDCA in Chemical Dependency Counseling and Family Addiction Recovery. Her journey began with her own Codependent Recovery after experiencing the devastating effects of addiction firsthand. This led her on a path of transformation for herself and her family with the understanding that if you can change the course for just one person, you have the ability to reshape that family for generations to come. Her belief is that addiction covers the pain until addiction becomes the pain, and that it affects the entire family system until someone bravely confronts it. Her mission is to bring healing, compassion and yes, sometimes even confrontation, in facing the fierce denials that often accompany addiction. Her work covers the scope of Addiction, Codependence, Boundaries, Detachment, Recovery, Maintenance and Relapse.

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May 12, 2020

I Won’t Apologize for being “Fine” during COVID-19.