Vanessa Bennett

Vanessa Bennett gravitated toward yoga, meditation, and therapy after feeling the effects of working for 10 years in New York City’s work-life unbalance. As a former Creative Producer and Marketing Manager for global powerhouses like Coca-Cola, Unilever, and P&G, she realized she needed to find a way to increase focus, decrease stress, and achieve more balance across the board. She shifted her focus in life through becoming a therapist and deepening her study of yoga and meditation, in order to help others bridge work fulfillment with leading meaningful and fulfilling lives and relationships.

Currently, she lives in Los Angeles and works as both a Mindfulness Coach and an Associate Psychotherapist. She teaches meditation and yoga, specializing in Corporate Wellness and Therapeutic techniques. She works as a consultant with entrepreneurs, brands, and companies who are looking to launch into the world of wellness, integrate wellness into their existing culture, or who want to approach brand growth or specific projects in a more mindful and soul-conscious way.

Connect with her through her website or via her Instagram, and explore how mindfulness can help you reduce anxiety and depression symptoms here.

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