Wilrieke Sophia

Wilrieke Sophia is an international coach, facilitator, and practitioner in the field of sexuality based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She openly combines being a mother of three daughters with working in the field of sexuality. The main pillar of her work is the same across the broad spectrum of things she brings: empowerment through self-knowledge, embodied experiencing of boundaries and desires, and extensive practice of consent. She hosts sex-positive events and play parties, workshops and retreats focussing on sexuality, kink, tantra, and ritual, and hosts intimacy festivals. In her client sessions, she welcomes people of all genders and supports them to embrace their sexuality, supporting them to build a positive body image, release shame and negative conditionings, and welcome pleasure. She also runs the non-sexual Cuddle Workshops International and brings facilitator trainings. Close to her heart is bringing the topics of intimacy and sexuality to the mainstream conversation. She has been writing, blogging, and creating videos about sex and intimacy since 2011. In 2019, her work has been featured in national newspapers, magazines, and television.

In October 2019, Wilrieke climbed the stage of TEDx with a talk about empowerment through intimacy and sexuality. She is the founder of Knuffelworkshops Nederland & België and Cuddle Workshops International, holding teacher trainings and masterclasses for practitioners and facilitators. Besides all this, she’s a mother of three daughters and she holds an MSc degree in Forest and Nature Conservation. More about Wilrieke on her website, Instagram, or Facebook page.

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