Zeri Wieder

Zeri Wieder writes about relationships, psychology, and spirituality through the lens of personal stories and fiction. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

Possibly a good deal of what you will find in these pages will be bad advice. This can be no worse than many other treatises on psychology, or on spirituality, for that matter. Take what works for you, and leave the rest behind. What does speak to you, change it; make it your own. Create your own concept of the world. For this is all we really can do. We go through this life, chalk full of how others think things work, how others taught us what is what. We go along with the herd just a touch too often. We live in a universe of projections; ours and others’.

But, we create our own universes, if given the chance. Question what you are told, especially when it comes from any professional in their field (take a Buddhist psychologist, for instance). No one really knows what is what. That’s okay.

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