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Unlike Instagram or Facebook, Elephant is independent, and mission-driven—and despite having (slightly) fewer resources, we believe in paying our writers to offer quality to our readers.

Elephant was one of the first major sites to pay our best, consistent writers. But it was always hard to measure “best.” Now, we are introducing weekly payments to the top 10 articles on Elephant based on their Ecosystem Score—90% determined by our readers’ actions: reads, hearts, comments, shares, and 10% determined by our Editor’s Picks (so that mission balances popularity).

Note: When folks both get perfect 10 scores, we use the number of reads as the tiebreaker.

August 23rd to 29th Winners

#1 David Baumrind $300 Editor's Pick

F*ck Codependency, I’m Out: Breaking the Cycle, not Your Heart.

#2 Dina Strada $150

You can Love Someone & still not want them in your Life.

#3 Erica Leibrandt $108

“But He Never Laid a Hand on Me…”—Understanding Emotional Abuse.

#4 Kimberly Hetherington $108 Editor's Pick

Reasons to Stay Alive.

#5 Kristen McGuiness $75 Editor's Pick

The Side of Sobriety we Don’t See: Staying Sober through Motherhood.

#6 Jennifer Edwards $75

I Refuse a straw, I drive less, I bring my cloth bags—& they set the Amazon on Fire. Why I still have Hope.

#7 Natasha Link $75

15 Things I need my Daughters to Know.

#8 Zoey Ray $50

The Single-Parenting Life isn’t Necessarily the Harder Life.

#9 Dina Strada $50

Why I Don’t Give my Heart Away so easily Anymore & Neither Should You.

#10 Anthony McMorran $50 Editor's Pick

3 Reasons we Shouldn’t be Mindful.



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