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June 24 to 30 Winners

#1 Annie Das $200 Editor's Pick

7 Things Not to Do if You’re Looking for Love.

#2 Roopa Swaminathan $108

11 Gut-Wrenching Quotes that are teaching me How to Forgive.

#3 Sharon A. DeNofa $108

Letting Go of what we Thought would Last Forever.

#4 Edie Weinstein $108

Where Were You when You Heard that Roe v. Wade was Overturned?

#5 Melissa Patrick $75

How to Let Go of those People with Toxic Tendencies—For Good.

#6 Eleni Stephanides $75

On the Depp-Heard Verdict: Shifting our Simple Understanding of Abuse & Trauma.

#7 Denise Boehler $75

A Mahatma Gandhi Quote to Live By—Especially during these Unsettling Times.

#8 Dianna Henrickson $50

Shame Still Visits all these Years Later: 8 Tools that help me Move Through.

#9 Jo St Leon $50

An Open Letter to the Supreme Court of the United States.

#10 Cheryl Melody Baskin $50

Humanity 101: The To-Do List we Should All Have.



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