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Elephant was one of the first major sites to pay our best, consistent writers. But it was always hard to measure “best.” Now, we are introducing weekly payments to the top 15 articles on Elephant based on their Ecosystem Score—95% determined by our readers’ actions: reads, hearts, comments, shares, and 5% determined by our Editor’s Picks (so that mission balances popularity).

Note: When folks earn identical scores, we use the number of reads as the tiebreaker.

March 12th-18th Winners

#1 Tomi-Anne Raue $200 Editor's Pick

Don’t Date for Love: Why Modern Dating is Leaving you Lonely.

#2 Ailey Jolie $108

The Difference Between Settling for Someone & Settling with Someone.

#3 Janis Isaman $108

Ladies, the “Perfect Mother” is a F*cking Myth.

#4 Keri Mangis $108 Editor's Pick

Abuse, Assault & a Woman’s Perpetual Catch-22.

#5 Rebecca Donaldson $75

Why I’m Setting Down the Label “Borderline Personality” Once & For All.

#6 Billy Manas $75

Why Alcoholics Anonymous might be a “Toxic Relationship.”

#7 Judy Walker $75

How the Thorns in our Relationships can be our Greatest Gifts.

#8 Matthew Busse $50

How Loving Yourself Makes you a Good Person.

#9 Claire Boyce $50

How Rumi’s “Guest House” Poem taught me to Accept Grief & its Lessons.

#10 Justice Bartlett $50

Trauma, Triggers & our Path to Wholeness.

#11 Melissa Steussy $50

I’ve Been Sober for 23 Years & I Still Crave Alcohol.

#12 Rebecca Donaldson $50

Healing Childhood Trauma: 11 Steps using Imagery & the Ideal Parent.

#13 Rita Wehbe $50

How Anne of Green Gables Teaches us to Embrace our “Too-Much-Ness.”

#14 Sarah Jeanne Browne $50

How to Look Within & Tell the World, “I am Worthy.”

#15 Adriana Elmes $50 Editor's Pick

How I Healed my Chronic Pain, by Not Doing Yoga.