As independent media, we’re created by and for our readers. Our mission: to share the good word beyond our core or choir to those who don’t yet know they give a care.

We’re about “the mindful life”—yoga, organics, sustainability, conscious consumerism, active citizenship, ecofashion, the arts, non-new agey spirituality, enlightened education—anything that helps us to live a good life that also happens to be good for others and our planet.

Content Agreement

By submitting content to Elephant Journal, you certify this is your work, original, and any excerpts of other work are cited and fair use or public domain. Please see section 1D for more information about Elephant’s use rights to your article, article deletion,

Please save a copy of your submission, and then re-read your words for tpyos, grammar, honesty, accessibility, and respect for all beings. We do moderate all posts and will delete them, block you, and scratch our fingernails on chalkboards if you post inappropriate words or images, and posts defaming individuals (libel is a thing, read up). Sexually explicit writings are okay if describing consensual, mindful, caring love-making. May it be of benefit!

Images you submit should be well under 1 MB and be relevant to your article; currently, images are only visible if an editor has confirmed that you have use rights. You may email us if you would like to confirm the image is yours and to have it visible on your article. Please include any relevant information and links pertaining to the image. If you cannot confirm the image is yours, it may be deleted. Any inappropriate images (especially those depicting hate or violence) will be deleted and persons responsible blocked from posting. See information under section 1B of our writer guidelines regarding images an editor has selected for your article.

Community Guidelines—the short version:

>> We’re glad you’re here! We hope you will help create mindful, helpful, fun conversations in our community and in our social media spaces.

>> Do politely ask us questions and let us know what you like and don’t like about a specific article, the website, our community, or the Ecosystem. We prefer for you to get in touch with us directly about your questions and feedback.

>> Don’t be a jerk, call people jerks, or react to jerks. We’ll remove bad stuff when we see it.

>> Respect and help the editorial team. It’s a small team of dedicated, caring humans working hard to make things better.

Community Guidelines—the long version:

Elephant Journal is more than a website; it’s a community, it’s reader-created. Authors (including Elephant’s editors)—individuals—will always have differing viewpoints and opinions and ideas and perspectives. If you disagree with an article you’ve read, we welcome a mindful response/rebuttal, either in the form of a comment or another article. We do not welcome hate comments or ad hominem.

All comments or posts on Elephant Journal’s website, on its social media pages, within its private Facebook groups, and on any other format (such as Slack, Academy forums, or anything else) must be clear, kind, and constructive. We welcome feedback and criticism, if mindful, by contacting our team via email here. Posts that are of a trolling, unmindful, harassing, or generally unkind nature will be removed and those responsible blocked from posting or commenting.

Posts to pages or groups should be focused on sharing and promoting our work, connecting with the community and fellow writers, and discussing all aspects of writing and sharing your writing. Any other posts that fall outside of these guidelines may be locked or removed by an Administrator or Editor.

If you have a question or concern about how Elephant Journal’s website functions or a technical difficulty, please contact our support team here. This is the best way to address technical concerns, rather than in our groups. Posts about technical difficulties may be locked by an Administrator or Editor.

If you have a safety concern regarding comments others are posting on your article, please contact us for help here.

We have zero tolerance for: spam, personal attacks, doxxing, racism, sexism, all other forms of discrimination, trolling, and spreading misinformation.

Please see the Ecosystem FAQ Section “Writers—what to expect from Editors” for information on what editors offer to authors. Based on your level of participation at Elephant Journal, you may request a dedicated editor or you may be asked to work with our VIP team of editors. Editors cannot guarantee sharing your articles to any specific social media pages or Elephant Journal’s newsletters.

Other questions? More information about our preferred style, tone, and other writing tips can be found here. Terms of service are located here. Our Ecosystem FAQ may be found here. If your question is still not answered, please contact us here.


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