Our Ecosystem is in full swing, and our website has been beautifully redesigned. Have you seen it lately? Kindly remind your readers to click the heart (top left, under the title) after reading your piece. This helps your article stay current on our website and reach more new readers.


Can you give me a simple checklist of requirements, so I don’t forget anything?

Yes, certainly. Here’s a checklist of things that are easy to forget.

1. Spend a little time to come up with a great title. Read through your article and jot down the phrases reader passers-by would be most likely to click on, then choose the best of those. It’s often as simple as that.

2. Make sure you include at least one photo and that each photo takes up no more that 1mb, More information about images can be found under our community guidelines.

3. Always put a period at the end of your title.

4. Put your text though spell-checking and use italics sparingly and never for large portions of text.

5. When in doubt, contact an editor by emailing [email protected] We’re happy to help


Can I publish articles that have already been published on my blog or elsewhere?

Yes, you are welcome to publish your favorite articles from the past on Elephant, in addition to new writing, but we have some specific requests. Please see section 1D on this page for more info.

How can I find photos for my article and do I need to attribute them?

We love personal photos if they fit your article. Otherwise, you can almost always find something using Photodropper, or one of the following sites:

Wikimedia Commons
Flickr (Commercial use allowed)

Wikimedia Public domain image resources


25 Free Stock Photo Sites

How can I boost readership for my articles?

Some writers’ blogs just seem to take off as soon as they’re published. Here’s how to do it, in order of importance (assuming you’ve already written a great article):

1) See note about titles above.

2) Spread the word to all your contacts through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and e-mail.

3) Explicitly ask everyone to like and share your article on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, and to send the link to their e-mail lists. Be sure to like and share each other’s articles, too. There is real power in our collective action.

4) Systematically build up your personal contacts on Facebook, Twitter and e-mail so that it becomes richer and richer each time you blog.

5) Develop a loyal following by replying to every comment on your blog.

6) If you have more time, get involved in discussions about your topic throughout the Internet, and link back to your article.

The other big thing you can do is help build up our topical Facebook fan pages. We now have pages  for all our major topics:

Elephant Journal social media.


Please like the pages you’re most interested in and, more importantly, ask all your friends to do the same.

It’s great to get posted on the Elephant main Facebook page, but we’re long past the point where all articles can be posted there. Our plan is to develop each of these topical Facebook pages to the point where they can generate substantial readership for your articles, too.

It’s just a matter of growing the fan base for each of these pages as fast as we can.  So please spread the word.


Does elephant have a style guide?

Yes, here it is.

Can you please explain Elephant’s new article review process ?

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