Elephant Journal + Hamama

Win a Grow kit + 6-month supply of Superfood greens.

You don’t need a green thumb. Seriously, just add water once and harvest in a week. Grows indoors, year-round, even in low light. Start eating your greens today!

A lucky Elephant Journal reader will win 6 months of growing with Hamama! Gift bundle includes: 1 reusable grow tray, 1 beautiful bamboo frame, easy growing instructions, and 18 Seed Quilts — 2 of each amazing Seed Quilt flavor!


  • Hearty Broccoli
  • Refreshing Cabbage
  • Spicy Daikon Radish
  • Energizing Kale
  • Super Salad Mix
  • Sweet Wheatgrass
  • Earthy Clover
  • Zesty Mix
  • Fragrant Fenugreek

Enter to win Here. Or If you can’t wait, use code EJLOVE for 15% off at hamama.com

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