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So you wanna try sex-play.

“One of our favorite messages (on repeat) is—your pleasure is your power.”

~ Lickerish Love

Whether you’re feeling disconnected from your sex life, unsure of how to approach the topic with your partner, or just curious—Lickerish Love has the answer, chic keepsake box and all.

Lickerish Love’s Sex Toy Kits tantalize with a curated collection of elevated sex toys, providing a sensory journey for partner play in two flavors. With Noir, think black-tie BDSM for boundary play. On the opposite end is Blush for the sensual and romantics—think candles, massage, and touch, touch, touch!

These kits are designed to bring couples closer, not just orgasm-wise, but to foster better communication and appreciation of one another’s sexual desires. Each kit comes with minimal instructions to encourage listening, respect, and ultimately, deep, connected intimacy and pleasure.

Lickerish Love values sexual empowerment for all genders, through high-minded, thoughtfully curated sexual wellness advocacy. They believe that successful communication utilizes all the senses: 1 through 5, and 6! Intuition plays a significant role in tuning into both your partner’s needs and your own.

Lickerish Love fosters exploration and open communication via an elegant approach to the online intimacy boutique. It is the destination for sophisticates, the curious, the beginners, and the seasoned regulars.

“At Lickerish Love, we prefer to resolve towards self-love from the onset. You are perfect exactly as you are, and deserve to love yourself now, in this moment and each one after.”

~ Lickerish Love

Through February 28th, try BLUSH or NOIR for 25% off with code ELEPHANT at checkout. Discount is applicable site wide. No order minimums and free shipping in the USA. 10% of sales from these boxes will go to support Population Service International, an organization dedicated to providing healthcare for those who need it most.

Get aroused with 25% off using code ELEPHANT

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