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7 Incredible Ways to Toss Worrying Out Of Life.

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October 15, 2018
Hiral Nagda
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We are all creatures of worrying. Really? Nah, will turn it around today. Yes, a little working (not worrying) is required to operate in a responsible manner. The real issue begins when worrying takes up a majority of our time in the routine & stops us from undertaking more productive things . We’ve got to shun this dreadful, (un)required, nonsense habit out of our lives for good. Below are the 7 short ways to do it. Being consistent is the key , its like developing our will power muscle.


TIME-OUT GUYS– Let’s ask ourselves, if what we are worrying will matter in 3, 6, 9 months or a year or 2 years. Generally it wont even be 30 days. If we get no as an answer, simply toss it out of window & let’s have the ice-cream.


FLOW OF INK– We might have not picked up pen & paper in years to really write something this much but how about giving it a try. Writing down all that is sucking the fuel within us has an ability to reveal unexpected solutions making way for a crystal clarity. Some incredible insights / ideas will pop in our mind which will be splashed on that blank page. And when all of it is jotted down on the page, a sense of relief will take over.  Do go through the page & have a deep connection with it by reading every word as the answer lies somewhere in here.  We might not even realize that the solution have already been put up here by our own self. Taking regular advantage of the power of writing often opens up fresh directions & pathways.


I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR ALL THIS-  Let’s tell this to ourselves :- When the worrying keeps knocking on our head, we’ve got to open the door, let it in once & do something about it  (some logical step, may be offering it a coffee or two). If there is nothing we can offer this guest, then it is absolutely a futile move to give it even a minute of our time . Showing the door & locking it up is the key so that it doesn’t bother us again & instead occupying our mind with something more productive which highlights our work, hobby or passion.  It will make us realize that we’ve just been a busy bee doing more meaningful & uplifting chores which leaves us no time to fuel that worry.  The situation will lighten up on its own without us even have to do something about it. This works.

FLEXING OUR SUPERHUMAN MUSCLES-  How many times have we faced something earlier which we thought we won’t be able to make it but infact handled it like a rockstar & got out of it amazingly well kicking its a**?  Sure, Many times. If we could flex those super muscles then, what makes us believe we are less powerful today ? Now at this moment, we are a lot more stronger because we got a chance to seemingly crush the earlier roadblocks with our supersonic crane. Let’s remember our strength & punch hard into this challenge to get more powerful.


GOING TO THAT COZY CAFE & DIGGING INTO THAT RAINBOW PASTRY–  We often say-We’ve got bills to pay,  ailing parents to take care of, clear the debt, wreck our head with the boss, complete the pending projects, attend the meetings,  overcome the tantrums of spouse, deal with the child etc etc etc & how on earth do we even think of doing  what we love to do ? Ok, now here it gets interesting. We have stuffed our mind with ample of responsibilities but not allowing even a tiny space inside for something we love & which lifts up our soul. That’s a gross discrimination against own self.  Shutting down everything & just getting out for sometime to treat ourselves with something we love (No matter how small) , will expand our over-clouded mind, offering a fresh perspective on the situation. Chocolate Bar Bonus Point- It will also release some good endorphins which will make the situation seems lighter than it is ( & really it is way too lighter than we are making it out to be).  Tell us how the pastry was 🙂

IS IT REAL? LIKE REALLY REAL  ? –  Whatever is it that we are facing right now is real, OK very real, agreed. Can we just slide out of the situation for a while & look whether its just a made up scary picture in our mind ? OR are the monsters really running behind us with the guns ? Are we imagining something dreadful which is emptying us out of our energetic fuel or is it only us who is directing this horror movie ? Most of the time, its our imaginative scary scenario which is the culprit. We all are small little munchkins doing the best we can so give ourselves time to understand the reality & the imaginary.  As someone said- “99% of things you worry about never happen”.  



SHRUGGING IT OFF OUR SHOULDERS THIS MOMENT- We are here on this planet for a limited period of time, & this is nothing to be scared of. How about spending this time to get more sunshine in our lives by indulging in soul enriching activities which we are passionate about?  As whatever we are worrying about wont even matter in the end. If worrying will add more years to our life, surely we should continue but if is stealing us of our platinum time on this earth , it’s time to release it.  Once we have done all we can to handle the situation , the trick is to simply shrug it off the shoulders & walk away like a stunner. Releasing is a powerful process. It will show us more logical way to handle this or it might even dissolve the “problem” all together by converting into something new & absolute-sense-prevailing.  We never know, heaven might just be shining on us.


We often forget that incessant worrying has never really made a way for something  wonderful & we surely don’t deserve anything less than wonderful . It is an amazing time to be here in this world & live life at its best for every day is a heavenly gift. Opening up this gift everyday with elation & joy  (by doing things we love) will almost short circuit the power of “self fueled worrying”.  We have a lot of incredible things to do in life, worry has no place to fit in our routine. Let’s make it a point from this day onwards to flip worrying into something more constructive which oozes out your passions & uplifts the faith in your own strength.




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0 Heart it! Hiral Nagda 13
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